Developing and sustaining the new wave of business clusters

Sample Documents

    Project Preperation

  • Typical Cluster Implementation Plan

  • Steps to Clustering

  • Checklist

  • Cluster Evaluation

  • Pilot Cluster Evaluation

General Cluster Information

1. What market or markets is the cluster serving?

  • How is that market changing? - Is it growing? Is the cluster growing?
  • What opportunities is the cluster missing? - Opportunity for new businesses are either being missed or not taken up (spin-offs)
  • 2. Analysis of cluster

  • History - how long? How well established etc?
  • How strong? How many companies?
  • Local or international (Links to (1) above)
  • Communication: Do the companies talk to each other? - Is there a formal structure for this? Or informal?
  • Is the cluster low tech or high tech?
  • How does it rate in Europe/in World? Terms? How competitive?
  • SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats)
  • Dynamics? Is there interaction between companies? Do people switch jobs? Competitive? Entrepreneurial flair
  • 3. Local/Regional Support

  • New economy services and venture capital
  • Higher Education - research and tech support
  • Training provision/Further Education/Key skills
  • Role of public authorities

    4. THREATS

  • Who owns the leaders of the cluster? (which are the largest Companies and their ownership?)
  • Which are the critical issues facing the Cluster?
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