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About is a specialist enterprise development Company working specifically with the kind of creative, IT-centric Companies more likely to cluster together and collaborate for business growth.

Our clients for this expertise are predominantly public agencies aiming to provide relevant support services to achieve economic growth within their geographic or other areas of responsibility. Our work has been centred around the London area but has now returned to our North of England base from which the Company was formed in 1998 (as Meadowhead Projects Ltd). The team is largely working internationally, especially in High technology, Furniture and Tourism sectors. is an organisation working at national, regional, local and international levels. Utilising appropriate professionals for each assignment enables to bring insights and best practice to maximise added value for each new client and project. All assignments are project managed by John Murray, who was Director of Enterprise for West London TEC during the 1990s, when it formulated a radical ICT agenda with its 2000 IT-centred Companies along the M4 corridor. won an Adapt programme for Brunel University during 1998-2000 and interfaced with 200 Companies working on multi-media skills development programmes.

Cluster development work on creative industries, textiles, furniture and tourism have followed in the 2002-6 period. The company has been particularly active in workspace development and property-based clusters. “Hot Companies in Cool Places”.

Recent assignments have included:

  • EU Technical Advisor on Clusters to South East Europe Operational Programme
  • Work with 10 clusters and 20 potential clusters in Bulgaria under PHARE Project
  • Business Clusters Strategy (Ministry of Economy – Bulgaria)
  • ICT/New Media Business Needs Study (Lancashire West Partnership)
  • Business Clusters Strategy (East Lancashire Partnership)
  • Textile Sector Clusters Strategy (EU – Turkish Ministry of Trade)
  • Social Enterprise Groups in Lancashire, UK
  • Competitiveness assignments for Capital City, Sofia, Bulgaria

John Murray has been a guest speaker at RDA Conferences on Cluster Development. has run 2 Clusters Conferences in the UK, and organised 11 Study Visits on cluster performance in Europe during 2000-2005 period. The team in England and Bulgaria have been core members of 2 international clusters projects in Bulgaria and Turkey.

Innovations in Cluster Development introduced by the Consultancy in various EU/Asia lo0cations have included:

  • Relationship Mapping Tools for Cluster Impact Assessment
  • EFQM – style inventory assessment for clusters to assist with strategic planning and benchmarking.
  • Cluster Mapping Tools + Methodology in countries with poor statistical records and recording
  • Screening documents for potential clusters (Growthclusters GEM +analysis)

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